Dedicated and Compassionate Funeral Directors Assist with Funerals in Heywood

Funerals in HeywoodPlanning funerals in Heywood, regardless of the size or the type can be challenging. When you’re reeling from the news of a loved one’s passing, with your emotions in turmoil, it can be difficult to focus on the arrangements that need to be made. Our funeral directors are available to assist you with preparing a dignified funeral for your lost loved one. We understand that this is a difficult time and we can provide guidance and suggestions to ensure a meaningful funeral.  Understanding that the cost of a funeral plays a huge role in the decision making, we aim to provide an affordable cost solution for the planned funeral.

Our highly experienced funeral directors promise to reduce funeral costs. In Heywood, funerals can be as lavish or modest as you prefer. However, if the deceased did not leave any provision for a funeral, we can assist with the planning of a low cost funeral. A low cost funeral is as dignified and respectful as any other type of funeral. We understood that many of our clients would prefer to use the money dedicated to a funeral elsewhere. Most funerals follow the style of the Victorian type of funeral. The costs of this type of funeral remain high. It is for this reason why we developed our low cost funeral service. Our funeral directors are available to assist you with planning a funeral for your loved one. We offer a funeral service that combines traditional values with a modern way of thinking.

Funerals in Heywood are a memorable, fitting and personable service, and at a reduced cost. We aim to provide a funeral service that ensures the same level of standard that one would expect from a traditional funeral. If you need assistance and support to plan a funeral for a lost loved one, contact New Concept Funerals. Our dedicated, experienced and highly professional funeral directors are available to assist you with the arranging of a fitting and honourable tribute to the deceased. We will provide compassionate care and concern to you, respecting your wishes and ensuring that the funeral planned is one of respect and dignity.