Funeral Service in Broughton

Funeral Service in BroughtonWe specialise in offering an affordable and dignified funeral service in Broughton to enable anyone to give their family member a decent funeral. The funerals we arrange are discussed thoroughly with the family and our highly experienced team make sure that all the family’s wishes are met.  We found that many funeral homes still offer the traditional Victorian style funeral which even when cut to the minimum is still expensive. Many people felt that the costs could not be justified when considering the cost of living today. The stress that an expensive funeral puts on the relatives can be horrendous and can cause severe financial problems.

People discuss the savings made on everyday items they purchase but it is considered bad taste to acknowledge that a funeral can be arranged at a reasonable price. In Broughton, funeral service arrangements can be simple yet decorous. The modern approach to funerals is minimalist and refined. You want to celebrate the many happy years spent with the deceased and remember the joyous times. It does not matter if this is done in a church or a hall so long as the genuine feelings of love are there. If there is no religious reason to have a burial we would recommend a cremation. This is becoming one of the most popular alternatives to a burial. It is dignified, far less costly than a grave and there is no maintenance to be done to keep the burial site clean and neat.

We offer a reasonably priced funeral service in Broughton. Contact New Concept Funerals as soon as you have need of our services and be assured of our empathic and caring approach to the whole family. Our funeral directors have many years experience in arranging tasteful and dignified funerals at reasonable prices. The memorial service or celebration of life commemoration can be held anywhere you wish. This could be at a favourite place where the relative enjoyed going or it can be in a hall or chapel.  As long as the family and friends can say goodbye and share memories it is a meaningful ceremony.