Funeral Costs in Blackley

Funeral Costs in BlackleyFamilies who would like to take advantage of our value for money or low funeral costs in Blackley are welcome to get in touch with our funeral directors. We understand that not all families or individuals can afford to have a traditional funeral, with all the extravagant displays. Others prefer that the money left behind is put to better use by the living heirs. As such, at New Concept Funerals, we have different funeral plans that we have crafted for those with a simpler, straightforward funeral in mind. Our affordable funeral plans are as dignified as any other funerals, they just don’t factor in unnecessary expenses.

If there’s been a death in the family, our funeral directors are here to help you during this difficult time. In Blackley, funeral costs don’t always have to be exorbitant. When you are dealing with a funeral house such as New Concept Funerals, you won’t have to worry about excessive spending. Simply let our directors know about your budget and they will take care of everything else. For those who have a fixed limit, our basic plan will cover all the necessary aspects of the funeral, including collection of the body from the hospital, doctor’s fee, helping you out with all the required paperwork, service at our chapel, a coffin and Minister’s fee. If you have a different requirement, especially for those who are agnostic or of a different religion, please let us know so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

At New Concept Funerals, we understand that funeral costs in Blackley can be a concern for a lot of families. We would like to reassure all of our clients that we are committed to reducing the prices of a simple funeral, making the process a lot more affordable. If you would like further information about our funeral costs, contact New Concept Funerals. Our team are experienced and are dedicated to providing a service that is simple, dignified and most importantly, meaningful. We understand how important the role is of a funeral in the grieving process. Not only does it provide a means to wish the deceased a final adieu, but also a time to provide support to each other.