Funeral Directors in Harpurhey

Funeral Directors in HarpurheyFor qualified and compassionate funeral directors in Harpurhey to assist you plan a funeral, speak to New Concept Funerals.Our highly experienced team of funeral directors provide the most dignified, meaningful and personal ceremonies for your deceased family member.  We offer a value for money funeral without all the frills which are not needed. You want to be able to say goodbye to a beloved person without the threat and stress of having to pay an enormous amount of money. One way to save costs is to have a cremation and memorial service. The casket does not have to be expensive and the memorial service can be held at our chapel. If you are not religiously inclined then a memorial can be held in a hall of your choosing.

If you have recently lost a much loved and revered family member or friend we understand how difficult it is to arrange a funeral. In Harpurhey, funeral directors are conscious of the costs involved in arranging a funeral and encourage you to have a budget to work around. Too many people are so overcome by the grief that follows a death that they are unconcerned at this time over the costs involved. Some unscrupulous funeral homes can take advantage of this fact and encourage the family to pay out far more than is wise or prudent. We can supply a traditional funeral with a burial if the family are more comfortable with this type of funeral and there are many ways we can save costs.

Our funeral directors in Harpurhey can offer you reasonably priced funerals. Contact New Concept Funerals as soon as you have need of our services. We have found that many modern families are not comfortable with the traditional Victorian funeral. A more modern approach to funerals was needed and we researched all the points of view and came up with New Concept Funerals that will still provide a dignified and respectful funeral while making it affordable for everyone. We treat the deceased with dignity and reverence and provide care and compassion for the family. We meet all of the wishes of the family while containing the costs.