Funerals in Bamford

Funerals in BamfordAs the population ages, more people are looking for low cost funerals in Bamford. There are many people who do not wish to have an expensive traditional funeral but rather choose to have a low key affair with only family and close friends present. Such a funeral can be much less stressful than a large, more public service. We pride ourselves on offering value for money when it comes to the arrangement of funerals. With many years of experience we offer a comprehensive, affordable funeral service. We have a standard price for a cremation that includes dealing with the documentation, supplying a decent coffin, collection of the loved one from the hospital. This also includes a service at our chapel, the cremation fee, doctor’s fee and minister’s fee.

A modern approach looks after the deceased with dignity and reverence and delivers car and concern for the family. In Bamford, funerals do not need to cost a lot of money. New Concept Funerals aims to deliver a fitting, memorable and personal funeral service at a reduced cost. The modern approach taken by the dedicated funeral directors delivers a cremation and service at a very reasonable price. The cremation can take place with the family in attendance or privately. The deceased can be dressed in their own favourite clothing and family can arrange to visit the loved one at the chapel. Flowers can be organised for the funeral.

Our caring funeral directors can give you advice on how to save on funerals. They identified a need for people to have affordable funerals and offer a funeral to match a budget than can be affordable. If you need the services of a funeral home, contact New Concept Funerals who will ensure you receive personal attention at all times. There is no longer a need to worry about how the funeral can be arranged on a small budget as the funeral directors at New Concept Funerals will discuss the proposed arrangements and prices with the next of kin and answer all the questions they may have.