Funeral Service in Heywood

Funeral Service in HeywoodWe can help you arrange the best funeral service in Heywood that offers a memorable tribute to a loved one. At New Concept Funerals, we believe that a dignified, elegant and loving funeral service can be arranged at an affordable cost. Our highly-qualified, experienced team can ensure that your loved one’s final journey reflects his/her personality, beliefs and status. Funerals designed by our funeral directors are tailored to your wishes, preferences and budget, without compromising on quality and ambiance. Today, the average cost of a funeral in the UK has risen by more than 80% since 2004, according to studies conducted by the University of Bath. Families experience huge financial burdens while paying for a fitting funeral for their loved ones. Most people today choose to have a cost-effective funeral to also avoid unnecessary waste of money in these difficult times.

Several firms in the Manchester region may provide similar services. However, in Heywood, funeral services arranged by us are a combination of a modern, practical approach combined with all the reverence and dignity that such an event demands. Traditionally, funerals have been modeled on the Victorian concept, with an elaborate set of rituals, ceremonies and traditions, involving a very high expenditure. Today, people prefer to manage their funds more usefully. For instance, seniors would rather leave some money for their beloved grand-children and family-members rather than spend it on a single elaborate event. We work with the concerned family-members to create exactly the right kind of funeral they want. Low-cost options like cremation, quieter and less elaborate ceremonies, fewer wreaths, flowers, and horse-drawn carriages can ensure a funeral that’s meaningful yet not showy.

While arranging a befitting funeral service in Heywood, we divide the costs into two separate heads: funeral director and third-party disbursements. If you need assistance in planning a funeral service, contact New Concept Funerals. We give our clients a complete break-down of all costs in a completely transparent quote, with no hidden items or surprises. We help you to keep all these costs down to the minimum and yet evoke the right atmosphere.