Funeral Directors in Moston

Funeral Directors in MostonNew Concept Funerals, funeral directors in Moston, began with an idea to fill a need. Good ideas and successful businesses often evolve from an awareness of something missing, discovering what it is and developing a way to fill the gap. In our case practicality, sensitivity, and emotional well-being had to be blended into a solution. We’ve probably all heard others say they can’t afford to die and then laugh about it. In truth, they likely really feel that way. The cost of a traditional funeral following all the protocols set out in Victorian times and still followed today is quite high. The cost is out of reach for many and for others it seems the deceased would be shocked at the cost and declare the money be put to better use.

Prices of flowers, caskets, funeral cars, cemetery plots, headstones and the myriad of miscellaneous expense increase like everything else. In Moston, funeral directors’ overhead costs increase regularly just like they do for your business and household. However, as we have gone through the decades since Victorian funerals became the standard, coffins became grander, flowers more profuse, more funeral cars added to the procession, wakes longer and after service luncheons catered. To bestow honour on the lives of our loved ones we felt the need to keep going bigger. We endeavoured to call a halt to excessive expenditures whilst providing a dignified funeral. We felt there was a need for low cost dignified funerals and we have met that need for our clients.

Our funeral directors in Moston are professional and empathetic. You will be well cared for.  There are several ways to cut costs without sacrificing dignity and most are barely noticeable. Cremation as opposed to burial saves a great deal of money and so does a period of visitation followed by the funeral service on the same day. Have flowers but there is no need to overdo with large displays because they get tossed the same day. Plants are often sent to the funeral home by friends and family to display during the funeral and then taken home by the family to enjoy. Consider limiting the funeral cars to just the coffin bearer. Contact us when planning falls to you. We have several plans from which to choose and we can personalise any of them to suit. We promise you a lovely life honouring ceremony.