Low Cost Funerals in Collyhurst

Low Cost Funerals in CollyhurstLow cost funerals in Collyhurst are no longer thought to be “drab” or “insensitive” affairs. On the contrary, when done well, pocket-friendly funerals can aid the bereaved family or friends through the very difficult time that follows the loss of a loved one. Traditional funerals tend to be very expensive and the grieving family is often left heavily in debt after organising one, especially if there was no prior planning. But what if the values of a traditional funeral could be merged with the budget of a modern funeral to give the deceased an affordable, yet dignified sendoff? We, at New Concept Funerals, aim at reducing the financial implications associated with funerals while maintaining the air of elegance and respect that we believe the deceased deserve.

For many people in Collyhurst, low cost funerals are gaining popularity. People are now looking to reduce the heavy financial and emotional burden carried by their loved ones when they pass on. Our funeral directors at New Concept Funerals are highly experienced and work together with the bereaved to realise a sendoff that fits the deceased’s wants and the loved one’s needs. Some people have opted to go with our prepaid plan that is inclusive of a dignified coffin, cremation, legal documentation, collection and transportation of the body, a chapel service, minister fees and any extras the family and friends may have chosen.

Low cost funerals in Collyhurst may also incorporate personal touches, such as picking the clothes that the deceased will wear. This is implemented with the help of our funeral directors. They can also help in planning for newspaper announcements and visits by friends and family in our chapel. If you would like for information about our low cost funerals, contact New Concept Funerals. We believe that we can assist in the planning of the funeral for your lost loved one that is your funeral dignified, beautiful, and at the same time, affordable. Plan a dignified, memorable and fitting adieu for you lost loved one with our low cost funerals.