Low Cost Funerals in Blackley

Low Cost Funerals in BlackleyIf you have a tight budget then low cost funerals in Blackley can be a great relief. The emotional upheaval of losing someone close to you is terrible and the concern about the costs for the funeral will add terrific stress. We are professional funeral directors who ensure that every funeral we arrange is dignified and respectful. We can offer a simple funeral for your loved one with a dignified and reverential service.  We take care of all the arrangements according to your wishes. We treat every client to a fitting, memorable and personable funeral service at an affordable cost.

If you have just lost a relative we offer our condolences and understand what you are going through. In Blackley, low cost funerals are our aim. We have realised that many people do not want the traditional funeral with all the Victorian paraphernalia. Times have changed and many feel that their funeral should be more modern in approach. A cremation is a neat and dignified way of ensuring eternal rest. It is much more cost effective than a burial and does not take up valuable space that you and your children will have to look after for years to come. A stone can be placed in a garden of remembrance or a beautiful urn can hold the ashes.

Low cost funerals in Blackley are a result of our many years of experience as funeral directors. Contact New Concept Funerals as soon as you have need of our services and we will be there immediately. We collect the family member form the home or hospital and keep them safe within our funeral home until the day of the funeral. We help you with all the documentation and support you in any way we can. You do not need to lavish money on a loved one as a sign you miss them and loved them dearly. Our funerals show how you feel and are a fitting memorial for one who was much beloved.