Funeral Directors in Castleton

Funeral Directors in CastletonFuneral directors in Castleton realised along with everyone else that people are struggling to pay funeral costs. Families with a bit of funds are using them to pay for an elaborate funeral for their loved one. They feel the pressure so friends and other family members won’t think they’re cheap. Others might think they don’t consider their loved one worth the expense. In their heart, they know the deceased would likely have preferred the money be spent on children’s educations or other family need. Money, like funerals, is for the living. Yet, we have been stuck with this Victorian mentality whereby we think we have to spend lavishly on the funeral so other people will know what a valuable human being he or she was.

Clear your head of such thoughts and shake off the peer pressure along with their opinions. In Castleton, funeral directors at New Concept Funerals have introduced a new concept; funerals that are tasteful, life honouring and affordable. Our staff of directors are compassionate and experienced. They will respect your wishes while professionally arranging a lovely ceremony from a modern perspective. The average cost of a traditional funeral with burial is £4,136 and with cremation it’s £3,214. At New Concept Funerals, we offer cremation with a lovely service for £1550. We sacrifice nothing of respect and good taste. We collect the remains from hospital and manage all the legal documentation and pay the doctor’s fee. A respectful service, religious or secular, is held in our chapel including the minister’s fee. We provide the coffin and pay the cremation fee.

Our funeral directors in Castleton have arranged many funerals with dignity and compassion. Loved ones have gathered together in our chapel to say their goodbyes and offer condolences. They feel that all needs of the living are addressed and met. Contact New Concept Funerals or stop by and let us explain the details of our new concept in funerals. We want to answer all your questions and we want you to see our chapel. If you want to add flowers or special music, we can arrange that for you at additional cost and a published obituary. Keep in mind that family and friends often send flowers ahead of the funeral. We promise you will be pleased with our value for money new concept in funerals.