Low Cost Funerals in Whitworth

Low Cost Funerals in WhitworthOur low cost funerals in Whitworth are personal and respectful. At New Concept Funerals we often come across the misconception that a low cost funeral is tacky and tawdry. Sometimes the public has the impression that it is some how disrespectful to their loved one if they do not have a lavish affair. Our research showed us, however, that many people would prefer less money to be spent on their own funeral so that more money can be passed on to children and grandchildren. A personal ceremony that takes care of the wishes of the family, is easy to plan, and is not expensive is what many people want.

With this in mind we created a modern approach in Whitworth: low cost funerals that still honour and respect the deceased. This is based on a pre-paid model which enables us to keep our costs low and pass on the benefit to you. Included in our pre-paid plan is the collection of your loved one from the hospital; professional assistance with all the associated legal documentation; a dignified coffin; a personal service in our chapel; the doctor’s fee; the minister’s fee; and the cost of the cremation. This is our basic plan but you can add extras at your own discretion and cost. Examples of extras would be flower arrangements and newspaper announcements.

With prepaid funeral plans from New Concept Funerals one can provide for tasteful but low cost funerals in Whitworth. The passing of a loved one is a sad and stressful time. If some of the burden can be removed from the family at this time, it does make a difference. Give us a call today if you have any questions or need to arrange a funeral. At New Concept Funerals you will find an empathetic ear and a kind, personal touch. The funeral directors at New Concept Funerals are very experienced and are there to assist you. Our funerals are affordable but we still deliver quality. Everyone that attends a funeral delivered by us will agree that they are personal, heartfelt, and take into account all the wishes of all concerned.