Funeral Directors in Failsworth

Funeral Directors in FailsworthWere we to tell you that you could have the full services of funeral directors in Failsworth for less cost than our competitor’s bargain funeral, would you believe us? Probably not but at New Concept Funerals we would like the opportunity to make a believer of you. You see, we think the average funeral is more expensive than necessary. We came up with a new concept that is less expensive yet respectful and life honouring.  One service that does not change regardless of cost is the professionalism and compassion of our directors. Their consideration for the comfort of the grieving family is the top priority. That is not something anyone should put a price on. Our basic package includes all the essentials of a new concept kind of funeral.

When you choose a New Concept funeral we will collect your loved one from the hospital and pay the doctor’s fee. In Failsworth, our funeral directors provide an attractive coffin and the minister’s fee is included along with a funeral service in our chapel. Cremation of the remains rounds out our basic service for less than £1,600 if prepaid after the death of your loved one. These services will celebrate the life of your family member in a sensitive and loving way. Friends and family will be able to gather for a final goodbye in comfort. You have a fully comprehensive funeral service for one low price.

You can add other services if you choose from our funeral directors in Failsworth. Perhaps you would like a time of open visitation at the chapel before the service or you want us to order flower arrangements or place a newspaper announcement. Contact New Concept Funerals for an appointment and we will price any additions you choose to your New Concept funeral. Ours is a contemporary approach that we think reflects the attitudes of many people today. Many do not believe you have to spend a lot of money on a huge showy funeral to prove your love. In fact just the opposite. Your loved one would likely prefer that money be made available for the living so grandkids can go to college or adult sons and daughters can follow their dream of home ownership. It’s a new concept and it’s catching on.