Low Cost Funerals in Broughton

Low Cost Funerals in BroughtonLow cost funerals in Broughton is one way that we can help you during this time of grief and sadness.  We have many years of experience helping families through these terrible times.  We understand that the loss of someone dear to you is hard and making decisions is difficult. Our well-trained and caring staff will aid you and be there for you all the way.  We will advise and help you with the documentation you need to complete to enable the funeral to take place. These documents have to be completed by the family or nearest kin to the deceased.  After that is done we will take care of the rest of the arrangements on your behalf.  This entails organising the coffin and arranging the funeral to suit all of your requirements.  We will also work strictly to the budget agreed with you.

When someone near and dear to you passes away in Broughton, low cost funerals will help ease the stress of worrying about the price and organisation of the funeral. We will collect the deceased from the hospital or home and bring them to our funeral home where they will be treated with dignity and care.  We have found that many people no longer want the traditional funeral with all the added expense and prefer a simple and dignified memorial service with a cremation.  The costs for a cremation are far lower than the costs for a burial.  Flowers and hymn sheets are not needed and the memorial is normally a celebration of the life of the family member and although it is sad that they are no longer with us it is wonderful to remember all the happy times with them.

Low cost funerals in Broughton is not so much about saving money but more about being sensible. Contact New Concept Funerals if you need assistance with planning a low cost funeral.  Our staff will deliver a respectful and caring funeral any family member would be pleased to attend.