Funerals in Milnrow

Funerals in Milnrow If you need assistance with funerals in Milnrow, speak to us. We provide families value for money funerals that are meaningful and gracious. We know that many people are struggling, and the costs of arranging a funeral are more than what are expected. Our aim is to provide a funeral that is dignified and respectful, and at a cost that is affordable. Many people no longer want a lavish funeral, preferring to save the money for their grandchildren. We understand this and it is why we have established a new concept for affordable, dignified funerals.

At New Concept Funerals we offer a new value funeral style. In Milnrow, funerals are an important way to say goodbye to the deceased, and a way to ease the grieving process. Our modern approach provides you a professional service, while delivering care and concern for your family by respecting all their wishes, and at a reduced funeral cost. We promise to reduce costs and our highly experienced funeral directors will provide a special level of care, dignity and respect. Our prepaid funeral plan which is for cremations only, offers a service at our attractive chapel. This includes the minister’s fee, doctor’s fee, the collection of the body from the hospital,  a dignified coffin, cremation fees as well as us taking care of all the legal documentation. We’re all about flexibility too, and there are some add-ons that you may want to consider which are not included in the price we’ve mentioned. This will include things like flowers and newspaper announcements, should you want them.

Funerals in Milnrow can be both affordable and dignified. If you need assistance for planning a funeral, contact New Concept Funerals. Our funeral directors will assist you and plan a funeral service that is respectful, and at a low cost. We find it eases the trauma when a loved one dies – just knowing that a respectable plan is in place. At New Concept Funerals, we will provide the highest level of service at a low cost at this sad time.