Low Cost Funerals in Collyhurst

cheap funerals in CollyhurstIf you’re wondering how to avoid the funeral sting when you’ve lost a dear one, consider Low Cost funerals in Collyhurst. At New Concept Funerals we believe that “cheap” doesn’t mean tasteless or insensitive. It simply means cost-effective, practical and dignified. The cost of funerals in the UK has been rising steadily over the years and many families are thrown into terrible financial and moral crises when they lose someone close to them. Today, a funeral need not bankrupt you. Instead, choose a no-frills option that still provides all the elegance, serenity and evidence of affection that you held your beloved one in. Funerals have traditionally been a display of the family’s social and economic status. They’ve also been seen as the family’s way of showing the world their affection and regard for the deceased. However, in today’s straitened financial climate, people are looking for other options.

We provide low cost funerals that are attractive, meaningful and personal. In Collyhurst, funerals are in fact what many people want for themselves. They prefer not to burden their families with extra costs. The money saved can be put to better use. Our highly experienced funeral directors work with the family to create, design and arrange a ceremony that’s every bit reflective of the personality of the dear one. Today, many people opt for our prepaid funeral plan. This is a fully inclusive package that includes cremation, a dignified coffin, dealing with legal documentation, collection of the deceased from hospital and service at our chapel, minister’s fees and any extras that you’ve chosen.

Our funeral directors can help you to add the personal touches to be incorporated in low cost funerals in Collyhurst. If you’d like your dear one to be dressed in a particular way, or in their own clothing, arrange for visitation by friends and family in our chapel, flowers, and newspaper announcements we are glad to be of assistance. Contact New Concept Funerals today if you need help with planning a cheap funeral. Pre-payment helps reduce overheads and keep our costs low. This is very convenient for senior citizens whose children may be living far away or unable to make such arrangements in time.