Funeral Service in Norden

Funeral Service in NordenThe type of funeral service in Norden is a matter of individual choice. Many people these days are opting for a simple yet elegant and respectful service. We will organise whatever kind of funeral best fits the family of the deceased. This may be ornate with many of the traditional accoutrements and if there is a large budget and the family are satisfied that this is their wish then that is funeral we will arrange. Not everyone has the wherewithal or the desire to have a traditional church funeral and service. We have found that our clients are requesting simple services in our chapel and a cremation for the beloved family member. The most important part of a funeral is the memories and love that is engendered by the service.

We know the stress and grief that is suffered when someone close to you passes away in Norden, funeral service arrangements can be nigh impossible to organise by yourself. We are available at all hours of the day and night, every day of the week. One call to us and we will take the burden from your shoulders. We will collect the deceased and with dignity and care convey them to the funeral home. You then have time to consider what sort of funeral you want. The funeral is normally held a week or more later as family and friends need to be notified and considered. If the late family member is to be cremated it can be carried out long before the memorial service. It is not necessary for the family to be involved with a cremation if they do not wish to be. The memorial service will be a celebration of life rather than a funeral service.

Funeral service in Norden can be elaborate or simple. Contact New Concept Funerals as soon as you have need of our funeral service. We will support you through this hard time. Our compassionate and dedicated staff will help you choose the perfect farewell memorial for your loved one.