Low Cost Funerals in Bamford

Low Cost Funerals in BamfordFor families who must seek low cost funerals in Bamford it can be heart breaking. It’s not unusual for elderly parents to neglect mentioning that they do not have insurance or savings for their final expenses. We at New Concept Funerals would recommend that adult children question their elderly parents about provisions for their final expenses. If you don’t have that discussion you could be blindsided by the grief of your parents passing along with a large funeral bill. Funeral costs have accelerated considerably over the last twenty years and families without the means have found themselves in an awkward position.

We understand that you want to honor the life and contributions of your loved one by providing a fitting funeral service. In Bamford, low cost funerals are what we can offer. You may feel you have to sink your family into debt and pay for a lavish funeral. We began New Concept Funerals for the many people who find themselves in such a position. It is especially hard on young families who tragically lose a parent or child to accident or disease. The emotional devastation coupled with the financial burden is just too overwhelming. So at New Concept Funerals we did something about it.

Our goal at New Concept Funeral Directors is to offer low cost funerals in Bamford by taking a modern approach. Our team provides a life honouring ceremony and provides the family with professional services at a low cost by trimming out some high cost services that, frankly nobody is likely to miss or even notice. Contact New Concept Funerals for more information about low cost funerals. £1525.00 will cover the cost of a complete funeral service. It covers our professional services for dealing with the paperwork and collection from the hospital. A suitable coffin, service in our lovely chapel and the fees for the minister, doctor, and final cremation. Likely others will send flowers as a gift and you may want to prepare a bouquet, perhaps from your own garden. Bring a CD of your preferred music to play in the background before and after the service. There really is nothing lacking from this new concept funeral except the additional cost charged by others.