Low Cost Funerals in Milnrow

low cost funerals in MilnrowFunerals can cost a large sum, so low cost funerals in Milnrow are sought after. People are beginning to change their ideas about funerals. Simple, low cost funerals have become the more sought-after choice. People are no longer prepared to spend a fortune on lavish coffins and other funeral frills. They’re looking at stylish unfinished wooden boxes maybe, green burials and generally low cost funerals. New Concept Funerals offers low cost funerals within the Greater Manchester area. They may be low in cost, but there is nothing to make anyone think these funerals are inferior. They are stylish, dignified, meaningful, and above all, affordable. What people appreciate too is that they tell you what you’ll be paying for.

In Milnrow, low cost funerals at New Concept Funerals save people from untold stress. They offer their funeral plan which is for cremation only. For £1,450 you get a good looking coffin, all your documentation taken care of and the service at the chapel. Also included in this price is the cremation fee, doctors’ fee, minister’s fee as well as the collection of your loved one from hospital. For a little more extra you can benefit from a host of other useful services. These all contribute to make the funeral just a little more special. These include extras such as flower arrangements, newspaper announcements, having the deceased dressed in their own clothing as well as other services.

To benefit from low cost funerals in Milnrow and for New Concept Funerals to be able to offer their reduced price, they ask for a pre-payment. Not only that, New Concept Funerals don’t want their customers to battle with payments either and they can assist with payment arrangements. You can be taken care of at a difficult time. A low cost, dignified funeral will give you one less worry to contend with at a difficult time. For more information concerning low cost funerals, contact New Concept Funerals.