Funeral Directors in Whitworth

Funeral Directors in WhitworthFuneral directors in Whitworth offer the same essential services. They collect the body, prepare it for burial or cremation, and assist family with paper work. They provide a lovely backdrop and attend to the viewing by arranging the flowers and music and welcoming the guests. Their cars and drivers provide the transport between chapel, funeral home and burial site. The basic difference among funerals is price. Price is based on additional services such as concrete burial vaults, fine quality caskets, extended viewing days and more. The average price of a funeral ranges between £3700 and £6000. As a society, we are subtly influenced to believe that money spent determines the level of respect. Many struggle to pay the high price because they do not want to appear cheap or uncaring toward their loved one.

In Whitworth, funeral directors, such as New Concept Funerals, have raised the welcome voice of reason. In a society where funeral costs increase year to year, individuals struggle to show their respect without equating it to money. New Concept Funerals has paved the way by offering inclusive funerals for as little as £1450. Funerals are important to the grieving process. Humans still need to go through those motions of saying good-bye but the goal is achievable without the extreme expense. New Concept funeral directors offer all the care, respect and reverence you expect. Their funerals are personalised and meaningful to your family and conducted with dignity.

New Concept Funerals, funeral directors in Whitworth, respectfully carry out the dealing with the collection of the body from the hospital and doctor fees. They handle all legal documents and provide a coffin. Included in the low price is a chapel service where family and friends can spend time remembering their loved one and saying goodbye. The ministers fee and cremation fee is part of the all-inclusive package. Additions you might choose to handle on your own at little or no cost is supplying the clothing from the wardrobe of the deceased in which to dress the body and creating your own flower or decorative arrangements. Because of your close relationship with the deceased, you are able to supply the most meaningful music and obituary. For more information about funeral directors, contact New Concept Funerals.