Funeral Costs in Milnrow

funeral costs in MilnrowAre you looking to lower your funeral costs in Milnrow? New Concept Funerals is a funeral home that departs from the standard, expensive funeral ceremony to a more novel and affordable style. The company operates in the Greater Manchester area along with a team of highly experienced professionals who can provide the meaningful ceremony you desire, without a huge cost. The company’s modern approach combines professionalism with empathy, ensuring that the final ceremony meets all the wishes and needs of the bereaved family.

In Milnrow, funeral costs are kept low by avoiding the Victorian style of funeral service, which can in many cases be considered as a lavish send off. Many clients choose New Concept Funerals because they would rather pass their savings on to their grandchildren, instead of spending them on an over the top funeral. Families can also choose them when the expenses of the funeral would be too much to handle. However, saving money does not mean that you pay for less customer service. The staff here strives to provide a process that takes into account the bereaved family’s situation, ensuring that the process is as easy to go through as possible.

The funeral costs in Milnrow can amount to the low cost £1,450 at New Concept Funerals. This is a fully inclusive plan which includes the handling of all legal documents, a dignified coffin, the collection of the loved one from the hospital, the chapel service, and the fees for the cremation, doctor and minister. Clients can also choose to purchase extras such as dressing of the deceased in own clothing, visitation arrangements, flower arrangements, newspaper announcement and a variety of other services which can be discussed further over the phone or in person. This funeral plan requires pre-payment. This is due to the fact that the company manages to provide such a low cost by keeping overheads down. To find out more about funeral cost, contact New Concept Funerals.