Funeral Costs in Oldham

Funeral Costs in OldhamFuneral costs in Oldham are not always costly. We can help you in your time of need to arrange an affordable, respectable funeral. Our sympathetic and helpful staff will take care of the arrangements for you. We will work within your budget and can offer a no frills type of funeral which shows utmost respect while not being exorbitant. One does not need to be extravagant when planning a funeral.  Quality not quantity should be the watch words for a decent funeral. Besides the cremation, the most important object of a funeral is to show respect to the deceased and allow the guests to mourn. It is not a show of wealth but of caring and love.

In Oldham, funeral costs are kept low by using our many years of experience to dictate the necessities of a respectful, dignified and caring funeral service. Our dedicated staff will help you through all the documentation needed and we will collect your loved one from the hospital or home with professionalism and reverence. We will prepare them for the funeral and can offer the option of dressing them in a favourite outfit. The coffin should not be expensive but functional and attractive. Our highly trained staff can advise you on all aspects of the funeral ceremony and will organise anything you may require.

Funeral costs in Oldham are kept low by using our own chapel and also offering a prepaid funeral plan. The prepaid funeral plan is for a dignified funeral with a cremation and can be organised long beforehand so that your family have no expenses to face when the time comes and they are in no state to make a rational decision and are laid low with grief. Do your family the kindness of having your funeral prepaid and arranged by yourself. Let them concentrate on remembering all the joyful memories and not how they are going to afford the funeral. For more information about funeral costs, contact New Concept Funerals.