Low Cost Funerals in Rochdale

Low cost funerals in RochdaleLow cost funerals in Rochdale are a godsend because the death of a loved one is always traumatic – not just for the loss of the person but also because of the financial impact of organising a funeral. The last thing anyone feels up to dealing with is an expensive funeral. It can be so reassuring knowing that New Concept Funerals are just a phone call away. Their budget funeral plans guarantee a meaningful and personal ceremony without that daunting price tag. With the dignity and compassion that comes from planning many funerals for the community, they simply get on with all the important arrangements that need to be made.

In Rochdale, low cost funerals can be the perfect send-off for your loved one. So many people today are sick and tired of having to fork out on lavish funerals with trimmings they never asked for or want. New Concept Funerals do things differently. They provide funerals that anyone can be proud of, and you don’t have to part with so much money that it puts you heavily into debt.

Low cost funerals in Rochdale are so affordable that it is just one less thing to stress about. Who can believe that for £1,450, you can have a stylish, dignified cremation for your next-of-kin. A dignified coffin is included in this prices as well as all the legal documentation taken care of. Not having to run around from one place to the next sorting out all the documentation is worth every penny spent. Your loved one will be collected from hospital. Doctor’s-, ministers- and cremation fees will all be paid for out of this price. A service at New Concept’s own chapel is also included and for an additional small price, flower arrangements, newspaper announcements as well as other services can be added in to make the funeral extra special. To keep costs low, New Concept requires a pre-payment and if you require financial assistance, just speak to them – they are caring and understanding and are there for you. For advice on low cost funerals, contact New Concept Funerals.