Affordable Funeral Service in Oldham

Affordable Funeral Service in OldhamThe death of a loved one can send you scrambling for a funeral service in Oldham.

If the death is unexpected, you may not be prepared emotionally or financially. Some funeral homes only offer traditional funeral services, which can get quite expensive. If there are medical expenses that need to be paid for, along with other expenses, an unexpected death can become another major crisis for a family to have to deal with.

In Oldham, funeral service expenses can be greatly reduced. New Concept Funeral directors offer a low cost funeral that will provide a meaningful, personalised ceremony for your loved one. They are a team of experienced funeral directors who understand that many people prefer a lower cost service to an expensive one. New Concept leads the way to budget funerals in the region. They offer a respectful, low cost funeral service that cares for the deceased with dignity while also caring for the family. They respect all the families’ wishes at a reduced rate. New Concept looked around the community and realised that most funeral directors offered only the Victorian style funerals, which can be extremely expensive. Many people preferred to have a lower cost “send off” and leave a benefit to their families. They decided to offer a lower cost funeral, with the same dignity and respect as the more expensive ones. Now there is an alternative available to everyone. Call New Concept Funerals @ 01706 354 900 and talk to them about your needs.

An affordable funeral service in Oldham is now available. New Concept Funerals also offers a prepaid funeral planning service. You can plan for your own funeral or for a loved one and rest assured that when the time comes, the family will be able to focus on celebrating a life rather than worrying about expenses. For more assistance with planning a funeral service, contact New Concept Funerals.