Low Cost Funeral Directors in Rochdale

Low Cost Funerals in RochdaleWith low cost funeral directors in Rochdale, you can still make sure that the funeral you present your departed loved one with has the right ambiance. A good funeral wouldn’t really be possible without a good dose of help from reputable and experienced funeral directors, and what people appreciate about New Concept Funerals is that they don’t go for grand celebratory affairs that will cost you a fortune and which are totally unnecessary in the first place. There is far more to a funeral than trying to keep up with the Joneses and going into debt because of it. New Concept Funerals are all about affordable funerals which are dignified, meaningful and memorable for all the good reasons.

In Rochdale low cost funeral directors make sure that even though you spend a little, you get a lot. They offer low cost funerals within the Greater Manchester area, ensuring care and concern is shown throughout the planning of a funeral. Their prepaid funeral plan offers you excellent value for the ceremony you want, and what is wonderful at this sorrowful time is that this plan includes all necessary costs, leaving you free of stress and worry as to how you’re going to ever make ends meet with planning a funeral.

Low cost funeral directors in Rochdale ensure caring and compassionate services during your sorrowful time. From as little as £1,450 fully inclusive, you get a lot. This amount doesn’t just include the cost of a dignified coffin, but also doctors fee, ministers fee, the service at their chapel, all legal documentation handled, collection of your loved from hospital as well as cremation fees. Add in a little extra and you get a host of additional, useful extras such as newspaper announcements and flowers among others. For more information about low cost funeral directors, contact New Concept Funerals.