Dignified Low Cost Funerals in Shawclough

Low Cost Funerals in Shawclough Even with low cost funerals in Shawclough, you are still able to give your deceased family member a decent, dignified and meaningful funeral.  New Concept Funeral directors are in demand as they offer low cost funerals within the Greater Manchester area.  More and more people are seeing that trying to keep up with the Joneses by giving an extravagant funeral is simply not necessary. New Concept Funerals have a caring, sensible team who know how to provide their customers with a lovely, personal funeral service that is tasteful and something to be proud of. Because New Concept Funerals promise to provide their customers with real care, a significant reduction in funeral costs, highly experienced funeral directors and a new value funeral style,  the directors are being flooded with queries on this new affordable and dignified way to lay your loved one to rest.

In Shawclough, low cost funerals by New Concept provides customers with real value for money. Their purpose is to show you that you can still give your loved one a super send off without having to go into debt to do so.  New Concept have done their homework and seen that most funeral services today still go over funeral packages where customers have to pay for a host of services they don’t particularly want. With New Concept, each funeral is tailored to your needs and you pay for what you want.

With low cost funerals in Shawclough, you can really benefit with the prepaid funeral plan (cremation only) from New Concept. For just £1,450 you can get an attractive coffin, all that complicated and frustrating legal documentation taken care of, a dignified service at their chapel, the minister’s fee and doctor’s fee included, cremation fees as well as collection of your loved one from hospital. New Concept specialises in tailoring their products and services to suit each customer’s needs and other services and products such as flowers, newspaper announcements as well as other services can be added in. Why not call New Concept Funerals now and find out how a low cost funeral can be a dignified and meaningful funeral without the added cost.