Caring Low Cost Funeral Directors in Whitworth

Low Cost Funeral Directors in Whitworth With low cost funeral directors in Whitworth, people are encouraged not to wait, but to make provision for funeral cover for the future. This is important, because many family members become bitter, when those closest to them pass away without having made any provision for their funeral. A funeral can cost a lot of money, and in these hard economic times, family members can become stressed by having to find money they don’t have. New Concept Funerals’ directors are sought after in the Greater Manchester area. People find that they can offer their loved ones not only an affordable funeral, but one which is also meaningful and elegant.

In Whitworth, low cost funeral directors offer their budget funeral plans, steering clear of lavish send-offs that most people don’t particularly care about. They want simplicity and elegance and respect. Directors from New Concept Funerals are all about respect and care. People can choose to be buried or cremated, the services from New Concept Funerals remain unchanged – affordable and meaningful. For cremations, their prepaid funeral plan is below £1,500 for instance, but it includes a dignified coffin, cremation fee, doctor’s fee, minister’s fee, collection of your loved one from hospital, a service at their chapel and professional services and dealings with all legal documentation.

Low cost funeral directors in Whitworth are all about affordability, flexibility and options. Nothing is set in stone. Even though they offer prepaid funeral plans, these can be customised to suit. For instance you can talk to them about adding in flower arrangements, newspaper announcements and other services. These additional services are simply added on to the price. Even with such an affordable funeral service plan, you may still feel that you are battling to pay for a funeral for your loved one. Special arrangements can be made for clients who require assistance with payment. For low cost funeral directors who can provide meaningful funerals, contact New Concept Funerals.